Our School

Welcome To Manasthali Education Centre, Reoti, Ballia

Manasthali Education Centre, Reoti, Ballia is a co-education English medium school with advanced educational system. Manner, Modesty & Moral are being our aim, We have to provide most up-to-date teaching through modem teaching learning methods with affectionate and intimate care in the class room as well as inside the school campus. The medium of instruction is English but the children will be trained to having proficiency in flawless writing and fluent speaking both in English & Hindi. It was established in the year 2002 in a Bhojpuri/Hindi heartland in a rural area like Reoti where specially English education is grossly neglected. We have committed to impart advanced education with the help of our well qualified and experienced teaching staffs. Date of affiliation 01.01.2009 marked a red Letter day in the history of Manasthali Education Centre as school was honored with the affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (C.B.S.E.) and Upgraded to Senior Secondary School dated 06.06.2011.

General Information

The school extends its services to members of all communities without distinction of caste, creed. Boys and girl are granted admission irrespective of caste & complexion. The minimum age of admission in nursery is 3.5 years at time of admission. For other classes there will be entrance test and personal interview.

Prospectus & application forms for admission are available at the school office during office hours. Parents and guardians have to abide by the rules and regulations or amendments of school rule from time to time. The school management is full entitled for any change regarding the instruction and direction.

Aims & Objectives


  1. To Develop the Mental and Physical Abilities and skills of the pupils, which is essential for their effective participation in the day to day situation of life.
  2. And preparing conscientious and responsible citizens with sense of integrity and honesty.


  1. The school is dedicated the task to providing superior educational facilities for progressive and exponential teaching as well as training on a futuristic basis with background of the history and culture of India.
  2. Believing in worth and uniqueness of the individual. It works towards fostering each individual's potentialities by providing varied opportunities for meaningful teaming and fair growth.
  3. It caters to the needs of children of all communities and classes selected on the basis of educational suitability irrespective of socioeconomic differences.
  4. Physical training, social and cultural activities and other co-curricular activities are given adequate place in the children's education to make them disciplined and worthy citizens, moral diction is imparted to all children in order to inculcate in them right values and attitudes.

House System

To create an atmosphere of healthy competition, sporting spirit and team spirit most of the school activates are government by house system. For that entire school students are divided in to four houses under one house in charge teacher and one house captain & vice-captain in each house.

Our Advisory Board

  • Mr. Umesh Singh
  • Deo Bratt Chaubey
    Professor Dept. of Philosphy (B.H.U.)
  • Mrs. Sudha Pandey
    Principal Gyan Kunj Academy Sr. Secondry School Bansi Bazar
  • Dr. Rakesh Pandey
    Professor, Dept. of Psychology, BHU, Varanasi
  • Prof. D.N. Tiwari
    Ex Head of Department Botany, BHU
  • Anil Kumar Shukla
  • Mr. N. R. Upadhyay
    Chairman, Sharda Institute of Management and Technology
  • Mr. V. M. Pathak
    Social Worker