Director's Message

Dear Student,
You are almost welcome to the Manasthali Education centre in the new session. It would be matter of great pleasure to receive you as a new member in Manasthali Pariwar.

During the formative years of the child, the world of parents and the world of teachers have a great influence of the personality, attitude, behavior and value development of the child. If these two worlds are supportive and almost similar in terms of approach expectations upheld, encouragement extended, opportunities provided and guidance given, then the child's development, progress and adjustment become easy and one will reinforce the other. We assure all the supportive and affectionate care will be provided by the faculty members. We firmly rely on them. The special characteristics of Manasthali is high continuity and permanence of staff and principal, all who joined once became integrated part of Mansathali Pariwar. The same is true about students those who admitted once continued their uninterrupted education barring a few who left school for their personal reasons. Dear students you will experience the reality once you become the member of Manasthali Pariwar.

Mr. Sudesh Upadhyay

Manager's Message

Dear Student,
Welcome to the Mansathali Education Centre, Reoti, Ballia.

'We are very glad to receive you as a family member in Manasthali in the new session. We dreamt of an ideal school in rural area with modern education equipped with technology where individually Comprehensive, socially productive and morally conducive education, liberated from shackles of narrow bookishness could be imparted affectionately to the moderate possible fees. The cherished dream is being visualized by the grace of God, cooperation of parents, well wishers, competence and dedication of principal and staff members, though the goal is still far. We are proud that we are steadily striding in the right direction.

Dear students you know there is the age and time of scientific and technological advancement where every aspect of life is faced with tough competition. Unless you keep competitive mind and understand the value of time you will be away and lag behind from the high profile of education what is the demand of the current scenario.

Dr. Arun Prakash Tiwari
The Manager

Principal Message

The student life is the most challenging ,competitive , promising and changing phase of one's life .Our endeavor pave our golden path for future .Every moment of our life and influence that we spread around us make or mar our life .We have to concentrate and focus our attention towards the right need of the present time .An opinion that may hold good centuries ago may not hold good today due to fast and swift changing world scenario .We have to train you for the global aspect and need .Our futuristic vision is crystal clear in the eye of the present need .With these words you are welcomed to the new experiences form "Manasthali Pariwar".

Mr. Chandra Mohan Mishra
The Principal